Are you a qualified Personal Trainer?
What is included on the workout guide? 
It's a 8 week workout program with 2 different phases focused on the glutes.
(each phase takes 4 weeks). 
It also Includes:
1. Exercise And Motivation Tips 
2. Glute Anatomy
3. Glute Activation And My Fav Exercises 
 4. Cardio Options Based On Your Goals
   5. Meal Guide
           6.  Meal Prep Tips  Fav Easy, Healthy Recipes 
               7. What Are Supplement And Do You Need Supplements  
     8. The Workout (Phase 1 And 2)
          9. Stretching Tips 
            10. What To Do After The Guide
                & Of Course My Support, Always <3
Who is this for every one?
This plan is suitable for any women who wants to transform their bodies. 
It is designed to help women building lean muscle, burn fat and feeling comfortable with themselves. It's for both beginners and intermediate women. 
 Is this a home workout guide or gym based?
One of the great things about this workout guide is that you can do it at home because you don't need a lot of equipment.
The only thing you need is a barbell, dumbbells, a step (can use a chair) and resistance bands.
I personally love free weights and only use 5 or 6 machines at the gym! 

How to download the plan?
Once you have purchased the plan, you will get an email with the download link. Open the email, click the link and it will download automatically.